Responsibility has been a matter close to our heart at Time Hostel ever since we started.

Responsibility in this day and age comes with a number of expectations and requirements.

We at Time Hostel try to meet these requirements and keep up with responsibility issues.

For us, responsibility is something we consider on a daily basis, and we hope that our customers will agree with us on this.


You can read about the ecological, social, cultural and economic principles of our work below.


We are involved in the responsibility programmes of Sustainable Travel Finland and Green Key.



  • We are a small hostel with nine rooms, which allows us to guarantee a steady quality and avoid the effects of mass tourism.

  • We use Mundus Aer air purifiers in our common areas, and in many cases, old tricks are better than new ones, so we also have plenty of indoor plants that purify indoor air.

  • Our hostel is located in downtown Jyväskylä and is easy to get to using public transport. But of course, if you do come by car, we also have four parking spaces and the possibility to charge an electric car.

  • You can easily rent a bicycle from our partner down the street.

  • We recycle our waste and we hope our customers will also remember this. There are waste sorting stations down the corridor and in the kitchen, which make it easy to sort your waste.

  • We use environmentally friendly cleaning agents. Our shower and hand soaps are also environmentally friendly, and the same goes for our hand towels and toilet papers.

  • We have our linen and towels washed locally, and the laundry uses environmentally friendly detergents.

  • Our taps and showers are water saving, and we also encourage our customers to take this into consideration and avoid the unnecessary use of water.

  • Our electricity is green electricity from Väre, and all our lights are equipped with LED bulbs. We also instruct our customers to turn off the lights when they leave. To make this easier, the lighting in the showers, the toilets and the common areas has motion detection.

    We are also in the process of transferring to solar energy; we have already ordered solar panels.



  • The construction and renovation of the hostel has been done by us or by small local entrepreneurs.
  • Everything has been designed by us.
  • All the wall and ceiling art in the hostel is by the local entrepreneur Huonosti maalatut seinät.
  • We buy our laundry services from a local service provider.
  • The common areas are cleaned daily to keep them tidy longer.




  • We honour the local culture with the ceiling paintings in the lounge, which illustrate deeds that our city is famous for.
  • We recycle old, discarded hotel furniture. Some of the furniture, mirrors and the bases of our lamps are recycled.
  • The brochure shelf has a collection of brochures showcasing Jyväskylä and nearby areas, including recommendations of local restaurants.
  • Guests are free to use our library and gaming corner. All the books and games have been donated to us. Books can be borrowed and swapped.




  • Our rates are kept reasonable thanks to our self-service hostel principle. Our hostel is keyless, and our customers use a code to enter. Staff is present in the mornings before noon, and at other times we can be reached by phone. You can always call us or send us a message.
  • We work in cooperation with other local service providers. You can see the upcoming events on our ad board.
  • We actively monitor our customer satisfaction and quickly respond to any feedback (Facebook, Instagram,, Google, own communication channels).
  • We are applying for the STF and Green Key eco-labels.
  • We are in the process of transferring to solar energy. Currently we use green electricity from Väre. We have not been able to replace it with environmentally friendly eco-electricity, because our consumption is too low.

We are open to all feedback.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you feel that there is room for improvement in some area.

Marita +358 40 5555 164 Margo +358 400 640 405

info (at) timehostel . fi

Kind regards, Time Hostel Team / Marita and Margo Saxberg